Who We Are

Founded by Robbie Warming and Jenny Xu, Vision Blue is a team of student volunteers dedicated to engaging new and young voters in the democratic process. Get to know us below!


Robbie warming, Director of political strategy

A fierce advocate for progressive issues, Robbie serves as the co-founder and treasurer of Vision Blue. In Massachusetts, he has been involved on all levels of government. At Georgetown University, where he is a government and theology major, he has spearheaded extensive advocacy work for College Democrats. He is passionate about LGBTQ+ rights and fair economic policies. All in all, Robbie fights for a compassionate government that respects the dignity of every person. He believes that young people, especially after Trump’s election, have an obligation to take the reins and vote. With persistence, grassroots energy, and sound infrastructure, Robbie believes that America’s best days are ahead of us. Robbie splits his time between Boston, Massachusetts and Washington, DC.


jenny xu, director of communications

Proud New Yorker and pragmatic progressive, Jenny is a co-founder of Vision Blue. She serves as the President of Georgetown University Pride and Vice Chair and Advocacy Director of College Democrats. Her vision is to empower young people like her to find issues that truly resonate with them. Every American has a cause that directly and profoundly relates to their lives; by participating in the political narrative, young people become a part of something larger and actualize their individual potential in our democratic system. For her, LGBTQ+ rights and staggering wealth inequality are deeply personal issues — and the personal is the political. Additionally, she is passionate about criminal justice reform and reproductive rights.

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Cullen finley, Director of finance and operations

Educated In The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, Cullen Finley brings Leadership to the Finance team of Vision Blue. Having worked in both the financial sector and on Grassroots campaign effort, Cullen brings experience to the team in order to operate day-to-day operations. Having recently come off as the Deputy Finance Director of the Andrew Learned for congress. In this position, Cullen helped fundraise a record high that a democrat had ever been able to collect in Florida’s 15th Congressional district. As the Son of an Army Colonel, Cullen lives between Tampa, Florida and Washington D.C.

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Emily spencer, Director of Data analysis

Enthusiastic about the prospect of positive change fueled by facts, Emily works as the director of Data Analytics for Vision Blue. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Emily was first exposed to the workings of the U.S. government in middle school when she watched her mom struggle to gain citizenship. She chose to transfer to George Washington University in order to be at the hub of our nation’s governmental affairs. Emily brings experience with campaigns from a political consulting perspective. Working by the side of the VP in the political affairs office of Cambridge Analytica, Emily attained expertise from the proposal stage to executing micro-targeting data analysis to provide voter insights to clients.